Here's a low mileage 1997 Ferrari 355 GTS we purchased from an insurance salvage facility in Atlanta Georgia.  We paid $23,880 for this vehicle which is approximately 1/3 of its retail value.  We did not make any repairs to the car, we simply cleaned it up and listed it on Ebay in as is condition.  It sold in 4 days for $38,660.  Our net profit was $13,590.  

This is just one of many salvage cars we have purchased from insurance salvage facilities across the nation. Our service is not to sell you a car, but instead we provide you with immediate access to the insurance salvage facilities so that you can purchase salvage vehicles just as we have been doing since 1976.  We provide this example to illustrate the profitability that exist with salvage vehicles.

We are frequently asked why doesn't the insurance company just pay to have these vehicles repaired for their customers.  They often do, but in many situations an insurance company will pay the vehicle owner a cash settlement and then dispose of the car at an insurance salvage facility.  Insurance companies often conclude it is more cost effective to settle the claim and resell the vehicle rather than repair it.

When this Ferrari incurred its damage, the front bumper was going to be 10 months on back order from Ferrari in Italy,  The insurance company paid a cash settlement to the vehicle owner and avoided an indefinite period of time to complete the repairs and uncertain costs such as rental car and storage fees that would have accrued while the vehicle was sitting idle waiting for parts to arrive. The claim was documented as a "repairable collision". 

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1997 FERRARI 355 GTS